1st and 2nd of Primary students at a Pottery workshop

A memorable day

Last month, the pupils from first and second of Primary went on a great excursion to investigate how pottery is made.

On arrival they were introduced to Santi the potter.  He showed them how to make ceramic plates and bowls out of clay. The pupils had the opportunity to sit at the Potter’s wheel with Santi, so they could get the feel of the clay and manipulate the wet clay forming it into a vase .  All of them loved touching the cool clay.

 “getting their hands dirty was the best part for them!”

Next Santi showed them all the different types of pots and utensils made out of clay

And the pupils had to guess what they were used for.

Later they were given clay and Santi showed them how to make a beautiful rose.  Each child made a rose out of clay, which they will complete at school when the clay dries.

They will paint the rose, decorate their dish and take it home when they are completed.

After so much hard work it was then time for our picnic lunch outside. Sitting under the beautiful tall pine trees and the fresh air was quite an experience for them all.

Last of all we went for a lovely walk to see the vineyards. We also discovered lots of aromatic plants and we collected pine cones and acorns too.

The best part of the nature walk was to see the special “Subirat Rock” the legend goes if you kiss the rock and make a wish your wish will come true,