Princess Margaret International School 50th Anniversary

We want you to join us in a very important celebration for us

Throughout the next academic year 2017-2018 we will be commemorating five decades of passion and enthusiasm for teaching, 50 years of effort, dedication and complicity among all members of our educational community. Headmasters, teachers, families, secretaries, monitors, cooks, maintenance team, EVERYONE who is part of the Princess Margaret International School work to offer the best academic and personal training for our students.

We already have half a century of history, and to celebrate this special event, we want you to help us to create a review of our trajectory. Together with you  we will remember past times, memorable experiences and exceptional moments. We want to share with you our present to build together a solid and inspiring future for Princess Margaret International School.

If you wish to receive information about the 50th Anniversary  events  fill out and send the following form.