Admission of students to Princess Margaret International School

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Admission to Princess Margaret International School is a rigorous and thorough process, ensuring academic excellence and the all-round development of our students.

Princess Margaret International School is part of the international Globeducate group, with over 60 schools in 12 countries. Globeducate offers international experiences to each of our students, incorporating the most innovative educational methods and resources and preparing them for success in a globalised world.

The student admissions process at Princess Margaret International School is a fundamental step in joining this educational community. It is designed from start to finish to ensure that students entering the school are academically prepared and aligned with the school’s educational philosophy.

We always seek to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which our students can reach their full potential and develop holistically. We achieve this through the importance we place on personalised education.

Steps in the admissions process at Princess Margaret International School

The admissions process at Princess Margaret International School consists of the following steps:

  • Contact: Families interested in becoming part of this educational community can obtain detailed information through different channels. They can fill in an online information request form or call 934 290 313, Monday to Thursday from 9am to 7pm and Fridays from 9am to 5pm. This first contact is essential to find out more about what Princess Margaret International School offers and to answer any questions interested families may have.
  • School visit: Once the initial contact has been established, the next step is a visit to the school. This visit can be either face-to-face or virtual, depending on the family’s preferences and circumstances and preferably during school hours to see the school in action from 8.45am to 4pm. During the visit, the educational project of Princess Margaret International School is presented in detail, the curricular and teaching aspects are explored, and the facilities and buildings that make up the educational environment are shown. This stage is crucial for families to get to know the infrastructure and the environment in which their children will receive their academic education.
  • Admission tests: Once the family has decided to formalise their application for admission, students must take the level tests corresponding to their educational stage, starting from 2nd Primary. These tests are a fundamental element in assessing the level of knowledge and skills of the students and ensuring that they are able to make the most of the educational programme at Princess Margaret International School. The admissions tests are designed in accordance with the school’s academic and pedagogical standards and seek to identify the potential of each student, and will be submitted to an assessment committee.
  • Enrolment: once students have successfully passed the admissions tests, the admissions form is completed. This document is essential and necessary to formalise enrolment at Princess Margaret International School. In addition to the admissions form, families are asked to provide all the mandatory documentation to support their application for admission. This documentation may include academic transcripts, certificates of previous studies, evaluation reports, among others.


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Why choose Princess Margaret International School?

At Princess Margaret International School we offer quality education in an international environment. With a focus on academic excellence and the holistic development of students, Princess Margaret International School is positioned as a leading international educational choice.

Some of the benefits of studying at Princess Margaret International School include:

  • A state-of-the-art educational programme that meets international standards
  • A multicultural and diverse learning environment
  • A wide and varied extra-curricular offer
  • Personalised attention to students
  • Highly qualified teaching staff

If you are looking for a quality international education for your child, Princess Margaret International School is an excellent choice.