We have always understood school as a part of the educational task that begins in the family. That's why we think it is very important for parents and students to keep abreast of what is happening at Princess Margaret International School. With this purpose and through our channels, we offer updated news of everything related to activities in school.

School is communication. Keeping abreast of what is happening at the Princess Margaret International School helps families and students lead and adjust the educational tasks, therefore our children feel valued and integrated into the school.

Teen & Net magazine, created in 1999-2000 thanks to the enthusiasm of the students, highlights some of the activities that take place in the school. And through the web, you can always be kept informed about what activities and aspects  are related to Princess Margaret International School.

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Learning languages

It is becoming increasingly clear that a person who is fluent in English has more benefits in school, more prospects for employment, and is better