School Magazine

As you may know (parents, students and other readers of the magazine), Teen & Net was born during the school year 1999 - 2000 as a result of a 4 th of E.S.O. “variable credit”

Due to the enthusiasm and dedication of the pupils from other courses, we started by publishing four issues.

It is the students themselves who are in charge of informing their families and other readers about the many school experiences that parents do not have access to but form an important part of their children’s education. The fact that the students themselves decide what is  to be published is one of the driving forces behind the magazine.

The magazine not only reflects the activities or pedagogical excursions that we do, but it also publishes  opinion articles, literary exercises, drawings, etc... that are of interest and deserve to be published. The articles are carried out by the stuents individually or collectively.

The contents are  written in three languages : Catalan, Castillian and English, indicating once again that  Princess Margaret is a multilingual School.

Taking into account  the effort and interest that our young Teen & Net editors make while writing their articles and preparing the publication,  we hope to be read by more and more people on our new web page.