Our admission process

1 - Contact

Families interested in Princess Margaret International School can request information using the form or by calling 934 29 03 13 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

2 - Visit

During the on-site or virtual visit, we present the educational project, the curricular and teaching aspects, and the facilities at Princess Margaeret in depth. This is the best time to resolve any queries you may have.

3 - Registration

Following the official admissions process, records from the previous school will be shared, and students from second grade primary upwards will be required to take an admissions exam appropriate to their level. Once the examinations are passed, the entry course is determined, the admissions form is filled out, and all required paperwork is gathered to formally enrol.

Complete the application form

Further information

Consult all the available services in Princess Margaret International School and the monthly tuition fees, lunch service, School bus routes, etc.

Download fees

Orders can be placed at the Bacardí Textil store, where families can easily select the items they need in a straightforward manner.

Princess Margaret International School designs its school routes based on the needs of the families each year in an effort to facilitate access and make parents’ work schedules work with the school schedule.

Where are we?

Less than 7 km separate Princess Margaret International School from the heart of Barcelona.