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English courses in Barcelona for children and adults. In early and late afternoon. Either to learn or reinforce the language. Princess Margaret International School offers English courses in flexible extracurricular timetables to bring the language to whoever needs or wants to learn it.
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Our experience since 1967 as an English school in Barcelona, with IB methodology and Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre, is our guarantee.


The method of our language school is based on personalised teaching that connects all areas of the English language (RC, WR, LC, SPK, USE). This method allows us to successfully present students for the University of Cambridge qualifications (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE).

  • Continuous training of teachers in the different Cambridge levels.
  • Daily and annual planning of classes, homework, exams and termly reports, attendance control, etc.
  • Personalised monitoring of students to accompany them in their learning and attend to their specific needs within the group.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers. They have the requirements demanded by the University of Cambridge to teach the different levels.
  • Small groups appropriate to the age and level of the students.
  • Cambridge qualifications, the pass rate of students who sit Cambridge exams through Princess Margaret International School is over 90%.
  • Placement test to assign the group according to age and level.
  • Interactive classes within a participative and dynamic teaching system.
  • We have new technologies (interactive whiteboards, ipads…) in all the classrooms and the virtual campus for older students, making us one of the pioneering English academies in the technological field.
  • We combine face-to-face classes with online classes to guarantee the monitoring and progress of our students in exceptional situations where they cannot come to the centre (confinement, restricted mobility, etc.).

Online English classes

Princess Margaret International School is extending its educational offer to include online classes*. Students connect simultaneously with the teacher through the secure** Teams platform, fulfilling the objectives of the educational programme and obtaining the same results as in face-to-face classes.

*On demand
**This platform guarantees compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPED).

Clases Online

Calendar and timetables

  • Courses from September to June.
  • Face-to-face classes timetable:
    Beginners (3, 4 and 5 years old): 2 classes per week of 1 hour
    Adults: 1 class per week of 2 hours
    Other levels: 2 classes of 1.5 hours per week
  • Timetable of online classes: contact us


  • Enrollment fee (only for new students): 47€.
  • Price of 3h courses per week 313€/trimester
  • Price of 2h courses per week 235€/trimester


  • Placement test: at the beginning of the course.
  • Quarterly: before the end of each term.
  • Mock exam: mid and end of the course (Cambridge Levels).

3h courses per week

3h courses per week
Please note: The duration of the English courses is estimated, as it depends on factors such as class attendance, homework completion, language ability, etc.

What makes us different from other English language schools?  

Our experience since 1967 as an English school with IB methodology and the Cambridge Examination Preparation Centre is our guarantee. 

What teaching method do you use?

All our courses are planned in detail following a daily programme from the first day of the course to the last. These programmes are reviewed and supervised by the teaching coordinator to guarantee the content at all levels.

With the help of the textbooks, all the contents of the level being worked on ensure that the student can work on all areas of the language separately and as a whole.

Who are the teachers?

Profile of native teachers: they have a DELTA, TEFL or similar qualification.
Profile of non-native teachers: they meet the requirements of the University of Cambridge.

How is the level of each student decided?

All students are tested regularly to check their level.

In the case of new students, they must first take a written and oral level test, without obligation, to place them in an appropriate group according to their level and age.  This level test is entirely free of charge.

They will also be able to present a Cambridge certificate to certify their current level and access the next one.

What are the advantages of online classes?

With just a camera and microphone, you can learn from a computer or mobile phone from anywhere in Barcelona, Spain, and the world. With classmates who have similar objectives, you can widen your networking circle.

Saving time is one of the aspects most valued by students. Even though Barcelona is a city that has a prestigious mobility, with its transport system and cycling lanes. Online English classes allow you to be in a café, on the beach in Barceloneta or from the comfort of your own home taking English classes.

Where do I buy the books?

We offer the possibility of distributing the teaching material to students directly at the centre. 

What happens if the teacher is absent?

Although all teachers are tutors for their group throughout the school year, if a teacher is absent due to illness or other justified reasons, they will be replaced by another teacher.

All courses follow an annual programme with daily objectives, and in case the tutor is not present, the substitute teacher will continue with the established syllabus.

What exams are taken during the course?

Each student’s progress is monitored through continuous assessment of attendance, work, homework, and termly tests.

Termly tests: these tests assess the different areas of the language: written and oral comprehension, written and verbal expression, grammar, vocabulary and writing.

How can I prepare for an official exam?

One of our objectives is to prepare our students for the official qualifications of the University of Cambridge. For this reason, we emphasise the different areas of the exam from the initial courses, and we demand a mark equivalent to those required by Cambridge in each of the other areas.

We work on all areas in a general way with the support of course books, exercise books and reading material, and other methods available to us.

Classes are conducted 100% in English to maximise students’ opportunities to practise the language. Teachers are prepared to use different resources (mime, examples, drawings, etc.) to teach the language through the language without translation.

As a Cambridge collaborating centre, we offer all our experience and training to teachers to continue obtaining good results in all official qualifications.

What is the equivalence between Cambridge qualifications and the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFL)?

– Basic User 

  • Level A1: Beginner
  • Level A2: Basic/KET

– Independent User 

  • Level B1: Intermediate/PET
  • Level B2: Advanced/FCE

– Proficient User 

  • Level C1: Effective Operational Proficiency/CAE
  • Level C2: Native/CPE

Is there a possibility of staying abroad or summer courses in Barcelona with Princess Margaret International School?
The school offers several options to continue practising English during the summer.

  • At Princess Margaret International School:
    • Playful summer camp (we practise the language at an oral level, and we have fun activities such as swimming, bouncy castles, ponies, etc.).
    • Intensive English with conventional classes.
  • Outside the centre:
    • Stays in the United Kingdom.