A new way of learning

Princess Margaret International School has always been a school open to the educational use of new technologies. We currently have at our disposal a series of technological learning resources available to students and teachers. Realising that, technologically speaking, what's new today will become obsolete in the near future, we increasingly have new resources with the same teaching aims.
  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Directed Wi-Fi coverage
  • Ipads managed by Mobile Guardian
  • Laptops
  • Snappets
  • App Princess Margaret International School
  • Office 365
  • Teen & Net magazine on-line
  • Web / blog
  • Social Networks: Flickr/ Slideshare / You Tube / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook


  • Reference manuals for all subjects. 
  • Bibliographic fund managed by Philos. Online loan possibility.


  • Mathematics for infants: NUMICON.
  • Leobien in 1st Grade.
  • Snappet Interactive Books from 2nd to 6th grade


  • Cubetto for kindergarten
  • Dash & Dot robot for primary.
  • Programming exercises for all levels