Extracurricular activities at Princess Margaret International School

Many families search for extracurricular activities to help their kids develop a particular skill or to achieve their children’s goals of becoming elite athletes, artists, or other creatives. We would be unsure of which extracurricular activity to pursue at Princess Margaret International School if we didn’t thoroughly explain everything we have to offer. Additionally, because they are so particular, we can guarantee that every youngster will find a place in one of them.

Princess Margaret International School offers extracurricular activities to suit every interest.

Children learn valuable life lessons from extracurricular activities, like self-control, cooperation, and respect for others. It is an essential aspect of youth. A time for enjoyment, education, and mental and physical growth.

At Princess Margaret International School, we consider extracurricular activities to be an essential tool for kids’ emotional and physical growth. In order to help kids discover their favourite, we provide a large selection of extracurricular activities that are diverse in nature:

  • Judo: a combat sport that teaches children to defend themselves and respect others.
  • Indoor football: a variant of traditional football to encourage teamwork and cooperation. 
  • Basketball: another major sport. Children develop flexibility, strength and coordination.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics: perfect for learning to express yourself through the body.
  • Swimming: perhaps, one of the most complete sports great for children of any age.
  • French and/or Chinese: language learning in a fun environment.
  • Theatre: activity to experience sensitivity and grow as people.
  • Robotics: an excellent option for children to learn technology and robotics creatively.
  • Aloha Aritmétic: a calculation activity to enhance mental agility with the abacus method.


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