Extraordinary High School Awards

Princess Margaret International School's ex-students awarded with the honour

This year the Extraordinary High School Awards have awarded 43 students from all over Catalonia. Among them, 3 of Princess Margaret’s ex-students, Claudia Castell,  Lea Font and  Laia Fernández have been awarded with this honour. We would like to congratulate them for a more than deserved achievement and wish them our best for the future that for sure will be brilliant.

The Extraordinary High School Awards, created in 1999, constitute the official recognition of students who have excelled in “Bachillerato” in terms of grades and attitude.

This Extraordinary award is given to the top 1,000 students in the second year of high school, in the academic year immediately preceding that in which the tests are held. Students who receive this award may qualify for the National Baccalaureate Award.

Congratulations from Princess Margaret International School!