Getting ready for Carnival 2021

Carnival is upon us again!

We are living through some very exceptional times just lately, the Covid 19 epidemic is taking a toll on all our lifestyles, both at home, work, pleasure, and schooling.

 Carnival is upon us once again!


2017-18 Carnival

Most children love this celebration as they have the chance to dress up, to participate in talent contests, to act and have fun singing and dancing and following the new dress codes of the special week of Carnival.  It’s an exciting time for them all.

 This year with the restrictions caused by Covid 19, we have adapted the festivity.  Student’s will be celebrating in their group class, sharing special moments through video conferences with other classes; like the arrival of the king of carnival represented by 6th of primary students. They will announce all the special dress codes students must follow in Carnival week.  On Friday the 12 of February it’s the big day for both parents and children., Parents having to get up earlier than usual to help with the fancy dress costumes, make up, hairstyling and all the final touches. All this fills us with a great sense of joy and satisfaction to see our children so happy and excited.  


2017-2018 Carnival

It’s their big day! They love to share with their friends and teachers their fancy dress costumes and to see what effect it has on others.

I am sure it will be a memorable day for them all, and we will make the very most of such a special day!

Carnival is coming soon, so let’s put on a big smile and get ready to have lots of fun altogether.


By: Lynn Brennan