P3 UNIT OF ENQUIRY: Weather – Winter

Icebergs exploration

In P3, children are still enquiring about the current Season “Winter”.

 We learnt about winter the most common climate in winter, and we set a weather chart in our class to analize the sky every morning. Children realized that it is cold and windy in the morning, and some children pointed out that their cars have frost on top in the coldest days. They had a look at books about the Artic, and we learnt about animals that live in cold places. We found out all about their features.

Looking at pictures that show winter and artic landscapes, children started to wonder about Icebergs. They had the need to know more about what ice looks, tastes, feels like. It was then, when we decided to make icebergs in the class. We got some toys and put them in water. We put them in the freezer and they turned into icebergs.

The following day, children had the opportunity to explore the ice properties, touching and manipulating it with their own hands. We then worked hard to remove all the toys from the icebergs but we realized how hard it is to break it. We ended up pouring water and we discovered that ice melts with water. Eventually, we rescued all the toys from inside the cold hard icebergs.

It felt cold! It was hard! But it was super fun!!!


By Carma Ayuso