Princess Margaret International School with Agenda 21

At Princess Margaret International School we continue educating for sustainability

Our students participate every year in Agenda 21 an educational program in favor of the planet’s sustainability, recognized by UNESCO.

The students’ interest in reflecting, studying, treating and taking action on issues such as pollution, climate change, waste management and  biodiversity conservation shows that the work we are doing to integrate this philosophy into our community is giving results.

The school’s objective is to make our students understand that environment resources are limited so we have to identify problems and deficiencies and design the fields of action to find solutions.

Each year we have carried out a different project. First it was the vertical garden and then the growing tables thanks to which our students can learn about plants and vegetables in a real way.

We are currently developing a project to reduce waste especially in secondary school classrooms. Students have selective waste bins and we encourage the use of sustainable and reusable packaging for breakfast snacks. We have also introduced the use of Tupper-ware boxes for picnics at school outings.

Collaboration of families is very important in order to sensitize the entire educational community and our waste reduction project goes ahead. That is why we have decided to turn the annual project into triennial next school year.

 We are sure we can count on your support and your interest!