A Rainy Day

Our board games

Our board games that kept us from getting bored.

Thinking back of what I used to play with on a rainy day, got me thinking.
Just lately we have had a lot of rainy days here in Barcelona.
Children get restless if they can’t get outside to play. After a week of continual rain my ideas were running out on how to keep my students entertained at break times.
Then whow! I thought, coming from the rainiest climate in The World and spending lots of time indoors.
What did I like doing the most in my free time at school with my friends? it all came back to me!
I have the answer!

I will give my students the materials and liberty to use their imagination of creating their own unique board games.
My 3 rd of Primary class had an amazing ,imaginative, creative time and so much fun!

Making and inventing their very own board games.
So, from now on when it does rain again, they will not have time to get bored as they will be able to play ,share and learn by using their very own unique homemade board games.
“ What more can we ask for, in such changing times of today!”
“Let’s say goodbye to Technology and machines for a few hours a day.”
Give your children, card, paper, scissors, glue, glitter, paints and colors and you will be amazed at what they can produce!
We should never under estimate children, they are the most creative, enthusiastic and innovating individuals that exist. 

Dedicate special moments with your children these are the ones they will remember forever.
The results were amazing as you can see for yourselves!


Creating is innovating!