Education, a collective task

At Princess Margaret International School we know that, in order to fulfil the objectives and perform educational work, team work between the various components of the educational community is necessary.

School needs to be an extension of the family unit. Therefore, we strive to create a climate of trust and friendship which allows a the natural development of the abilities and aptitudes of the students. Fullfilment it is the task of the whole educational community, from families to educators and students.


A school is its students. Therefore, it is essential that they feel comfortable, that the aims of the school become their own, and that taking part in the school’s development develop into their own. In order to do so, they need to be able to have access to appropriate channels for their own participation and have the school’s support.

Our aim is that the pupils feel proud of being part of Princess Margaret International School.


The educational role of families is one of its most important tasks, both from parents to children and vice versa. Parents have to learn to accept the children as they are, and school must instruct children in understanding their parents as they are too. Cooperation between the different parties is basic to achieving an education with the freedom, respect and generosity we seek.

In such an enthralling area as education, success can be achieved only through teamwork.


At Princess Margaret International School we speak of educators rather than teachers. Their main role is to educate in motivation: stimulating students and helping them to form the habits and attitudes which prepare them for life. The educator has to be able to deliver their experience and adapt their own teaching to each student’s individuality, starting from prior knowledge (children know much more than we think they do) and prioritising each student’s prominence in their own learning.

The work of the educators is more than just a job: It is a vocation.