Unit of inquiry 3rd Grade: We Can Move

A route through the school on a wheelchair

During the unit of inquiry ‘We can move’, we have been learning about architectural barriers and how we can adapt a building in order to make it accessible for everybody.


Firstly, the students draw a map of the school and then they had to plan a route. The day of the activity they found out they had to follow the same route they planned, but one of them had to go on a wheelchair. This way, they realized they had to adapt the route a little bit: they couldn’t use the stairs, instead they had to use the elevator, they found out it’s really hard to push themselves through the ramps, etc.

We also had a special guest that day. Mercè visited us and explained what her life is like and how she does daily actions and routines. We had the opportunity to ask her many questions and thus understand reality in a different way.


This led us to understand a different perspective of the world, one of the main concepts of the unit. It has been so interesting to gain perspective and understand everyone’s needs in our society!


Alba De Ascó
Primary Teacher