Victorian Britain

1st ESO - Language and Literature

The students work in groups in order to elaborate posters with different contents based on an aspect in Victorian Britain life. Through this, the students have to show considerable collaboration, communication and interactive skills as they need to get organized and exchange ideas and thoughts at all times.

The goal of this formative task is to revise and consolidate the historical, social and linguistic contents on Victorian Britain Life in order to get fully prepared for the Reading comprehension of the book “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and the summative task 1 titled “Diary of a Poor Victorian Child”.

Once the posters are done, the students prepare their group oral presentations using their creative and communicative skills. These presentations are assesed through self-evaluation rubrics which the students receive and get familiar with beforehand.

The oral presentation should also include the students´ personal reflection on a particular aspect of life in Victorian Britain.

By Renata Djuric