Preventing measures COVID-19 summer camp

Under the exceptional COVID-19 circumstances, this year the summer camp applies the rules and regulations dictated by the Youth department from Generalitat.

The following protocol has been communicated to families and workers.

Below you can find a detailed summary of its main points:

  • The number of students: Each group has a maximum of ten students, the limit of capacity per week is of sixty students as total.


  • Symptoms: A checklist symptoms’ list is handed to families to help distinguish COVID-19 symptoms. If any member from the family unit has a fever or any other symptomology related to COVID-19, they must inform the school immediately to activate the isolation protocol; if needed. The school checks the temperature of every student at their entrance.


  • Access to school: There is an exclusive timetable for entering and exiting. Only students, individually, are allowed to enter the school premises. First, their temperature is checked, their footwear is disinfected, check of wearing a face mask followed by hand washing with sanitiser


  • Case detection: If any student has any symptoms, the secretary’s office will contact the family. Then, the student is moved to an isolation room, the library, where they wait for their family relative. In this case, likely, the class group and the teacher cannot go back to school for 48 hours. Once having the test’s results and being positive, ten days of isolation must be respected.
  • Information: At the start of the day, students watch the Info K video about Coronavirus and the basic rules are recalled:

         If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your arm.
         Keep the security distance and stay outdoors.
         Wash your hands: Before and after going to the toilet, eating or playground.
         Do not share food.

  • Hydration: Students bring their water bottle that will not be shared. They will be placed on a tray and each one can take theirs. They cannot drink from their tap.
  • Material: Every student has their class material. They can use footballs in the playground but each teacher disinfects them. Each group have their own.


  • Swimming pool: During the pool activity, towels cannot be touched and students need to dry themselves before entering the classroom. After each use of the pool and before the arrival of the next group, the beach area is disinfected.


  • Air circulation: Classrooms are ventilated three times a day for ten minutes.
  • School cleaning and disinfection: Throughout the day and once the students have left, following the protocols the school premises are cleaned and disinfected; indoors and outdoors premises.